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The Ultimate Business & Networking Community

Welcome to TEN Connect by The Entrepreneurs Network Ltd!


Join our vibrant community today and gain access to exclusive virtual networking events and a members-only platform. Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, collaborate on projects, and even meet potential investors. 

Accelerate Your Growth,
Ignite Your Influence & Dominate Your Industry!

We help you to master the art of connection and take your business to new heights!

Our mission is to Enlist, Equip and Empower business owners to build systemised, scalable and profitable businesses, positioning themselves as authorities in their industries.


Join our community today and seize your opportunity to boss your industry!


"All achievement, all earned riches, have their beginnings in an IDEA"


We Understand!

Running a business is fun but it can also be challenging. When all is said and done, you are responsible for your results and ultimately your income and that is a burden you don't face in a job! 

Feeling exhausted?

Feeling isolated?

Feeling frustrated? 

Not seeing the results you want?

We understand


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Core Features


Need help unlocking the potential of your business idea? Utilise our business plan submission tool to receive support and advice on bringing your vision to life and secure the backing you need.


Pre-register for our business mastery certification program rewarding real-world business achievements with academic qualifications to enhance your public profile.


Take your professional development to new heights by completing our powerful industry leading assessments. Gain valuable insights into your behaviours and  decision-making skills.


Unlock a world of possibilities. Win cash prizes to fuel your business dreams, connect with investors and access exclusive funding opportunities for our community.

Our Partners

Building out our business hub and community platform takes a lot of hard work and we are proud to be supported by:

Our Founder

Hey there, I'm Michael, a business owner with a passion for fostering connections and empowering fellow entrepreneurs. My journey kicked off in the property sector, where I learned the ropes of running my own ventures. However, life threw a curveball, at me and unforeseen family circumstances prompted a change in direction.


Following this turning point, I found myself on a quest to rebuild my network and community connections after relocating. Despite the distance from traditional networking hubs, I realized the universal need for genuine connections among the self-employed and business owners.


Driven by this, I launched TEN Connect, a game-changing online networking community designed to bridge geographical gaps and connect ambitious business owners worldwide. My vision for TEN Connect extends far beyond traditional networking; it's about cultivating an ecosystem where entrepreneurial dreams flourish, innovation thrives, and genuine connections abound.

My personal journey has taught me the importance of community and support in the entrepreneurial realm. I've experienced firsthand the challenges of navigating disjointed support systems and the noise of self-promotional chatter in traditional networking spaces.


At TEN Connect, we offer more than just networking; we offer a supportive community where authenticity reigns supreme, and genuine connections are fostered. Together, we forge pathways to success, navigating challenges as a unified community. After all, why journey alone when we can stride forward together?

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